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Wonderful Reception to Our Teaching Methods

First Rate Experience

Over the past school year, we have noticed a significant intellectual and social development in our children. The Montessori Program and the dedication of the teachers have been a first class experience.

– Arlene, Binbrook

Skill Development

Our family likes this school because the way of teaching our child seems to work so well. I have noticed nothing but huge improvements in our son’s skills…all skills! I would not recommend any other school to anyone!

– Frank, Hamilton

A Warm Approach

Knowing a little about the way Montessori children learn without pressure and sitting in on the classroom for an hour, watching the children do their work. That was the most impressive. A room filled with children and complete peace in the classroom – that was something I didn't think was possible!

– Isabel, Caledonia

Parents See the Results

"When we first sat in a class and observed the students, I was very impressed by how polite, confident, and poised the students were, and hoped mine would turn out the same way. When our daughter started at Ancaster Montessori School at 2-3/4 years of age, she did not talk. Previously we had tried two different speech therapists and daycare. Within 6 weeks of starting school, she started to talk. That first Halloween, neighbours thought it was cute when our daughter said “Merci” when they gave her a treat. But for a brand-new talker, merci is easier to say than thank you. Was she a late talker who would have started to talk on her own eventually or was it because the Montessori teacher had studied linguistics at university? We may never know, but we have never regretted enrolling her at Ancaster Montessori School. Even her gymnastics instructor commented on how focused she was. Not only could she spell her name before she was 3, she was asking how to spell other words. Now we’ve enrolled our daughter for a third year because we could already see results. I’m amazed at how good her memory is and at how much she knows."

– Barbara, Ancaster

A Great Environment for Learning

One of the reasons we chose to enrol our daughter at Ancaster Montessori School—as opposed to the other two we checked--was the classroom setting with large windows. Lots of sun comes into the Montessori classroom on the south side looking out onto fields. Children spend a lot of time in the classroom so large windows with natural light is important. The fenced-in playground was also a plus. We decided to send our daughter to Ancaster Montessori School for another year instead of Junior Kindergarten because we wanted her to learn French. If she goes to the elementary school in our neighbourhood, she will not learn French until grade 4. We want her to continue to use the French she’s learned.

– John, Mount Hope

Serving Ancaster Families

Because my eldest daughter has enjoyed her three years at Ancaster Montessori School, I didn’t hesitate to enroll her younger sister. This year has brought phenomenal growth in the area of learning for both my 3 and 5 year old daughters. My 5 year-old is in the midst of her third year at Ancaster Montessori School. She’s learned many new skills that will be useful for years to come. The school has challenged her in every way possible. I believe this unique experience will serve them well into the future. I love Ancaster Montessori School and the teachers very much.

– Leigh, Caledonia

Well-Balance Education

Over the past five years we have had two children go through the Casa program at Ancaster Montessori School. We have been enormously pleased with and grateful for the attention, care and education they have received. The benefits of the Montessori program are self-evident as you will see your children develop poise, creativity, self-confidence and diligence. They develop an extraordinary attention span, civility and humanity, and a pure love of learning. The program truly focuses on each individual child’s readiness to add onto the scaffolding constructed early on in the program. It has become plainly clear to us that this program has provided our children with a strong foundation for success. As such, I strongly endorse the program for early child development.

– Carolyn & John, Mount Hope

The role of education is to interest the child profoundly in an external activity to which he will give all of his potential.

– Dr. Maria Montessori

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